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An open, intuitive, and extensible tool that was born to make personalized learning simpler, more effective, and connected. Both teachers and students are going to love the app supporting the learning ecosystems
Universities across India
yet deprived form online learning
per cent in the next 2-4 years
Second largest market for e-learning after the US

Increasing visibility in the COVID situation and enabling learners to take exams from anywhere.

Goverment universities
colleges in India

Delivering the best eLearning experience on iPhones and Android smartphones

Synchronous Learning and Progress Tracking.
On your way to microlearning
App DemoDeveloped in Flutter

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Microlearning is becoming an educational trend. The concept of microlearning supports the idea of delivering the content in smaller parts to the students to enhance engagement and retention rates.


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  • For existing business
  • Deploy on Google and Apple store
  • Or One time fee $500
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  • Expert Assistance
  • Flutter and React
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Alined to specific requirements
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